Friday, March 27, 2009

March update

Ok, ok. 4 months is a long time to go without blogging. So, here's an update on our lives:

Cody cracks me up every day. He has a great sense of humor, just like his dad. He recently turned 3 and seems remarkably older since then. He loves cars, trucks, anything with wheels. And his friend, Josh, got him interested in the Cars movie and all the accessories. He's interested in tornadoes, fire stations and trains. He also likes to wait for his daddy to come home so that he can "do something rough" to him. Yesterday we had a trip to Target and he was out of the cart and obeyed me 100% of the time. But that was on the heels of a trip to HEB that was quite possibly our worst. Ever. Cody and Claire are playing together more these days. When they do play together, it often looks like this.

I always hug and kiss Claire when I get her out of her crib. Yesterday after her nap she hugged me before I could hug her. And she did it two more times during the afternoon. She is a sweetheart. She continues to love watching the Wiggles. We got back out her Bjorn bouncer so that she can sit in it and watch the Wiggles. Otherwise she gravitates to right in front of the tv. Her current favorite word seems to be ball, although her first word was book (another of her loves). She seems to be quite chatty. The words that I can understand include mama, dada, dody (cody), daire (claire), rahrah (sarah), ooper (cooper), norma (the neighbor's cat, quite possibly her favorite thing in the whole world), night night, bye bye, nose, mouth, eye (along with a poke in the eye), head, hair, well you get the idea. She's chatty.

Today we're meeting my sister and her 2 kids at the mall. The cousins are about the same age and it is a delight to watch them together.