Thursday, May 22, 2008


last night i gave claire a mohawk after her bath. i think it is a good look for her.

cody made my mom out of playdough yesterday. it looks remarkably like her.

on the way home tonight from our "ladies night" my fancy navigator thingy only said, "satellite not working." bummer. especially for me who is so directionally challenged. and my favorite button is "go home." good thing i was paying attention on the way there, so that i remembered how to get home.

which reminded me of the importance of hiding the Word in my heart. so that in times when the Book isn't readily available, the Word is still available.


Daryl & Diana said...

If I had one of those navigator things, I'd never know where am! It was fun to see you last night!

Rocky and Sunee said...

nice 'hawk. Adelaide had one for the longest time. miss you guys.

nikkm said...

You guys look so happy--I love the mohawk :-) I also loved the McDonalds post. Kids are so smart and funny at the same time.