Monday, November 2, 2009


We recently went to Baylor homecoming and had a fabulous time. This picture is from the parade on Saturday morning. Cody's favorite were the monster trucks. Claire liked the jungle-themed float and the marching band.
In case you are considering preschool games for gifts at Christmas, we've recently played Uno Moo, Candyland, and Sequence for Kids and would recommend all three. I'm considering Twister, if anyone has played it, I'd love your thoughts.

I'd also like to share about our alphabet hunt. I cut out words from magazines (I focused mostly on capital letters) and glued them to construction paper. I taped each word to the wall, all in one area of the house. I printed the alphabet on a piece of paper, then Cody and a friend found each letter and marked it off on their sheet. It was a huge success. The next time we play, I think I'll have him find his name, then other words.


Marti said...

Fun! We love games here, too. Our current favorite is the Dr. Suess "I can to that" game. Super fun. I also have seen a preschool game where they label things around the room with little note cards. For example, a chair would have the word chair on a notecard and taped to it, etc. That would be a fun scavenger hunt as well, I'm guessing. ;) Love the post!

Sunee said...

Nice. We're into alphabet games too these days. We even made "Adelaide" cookies the other day. She would only eat the "A's" though.

tiffkin said...

great picture! and those are fun games! you're a great mom! :)